Friday, March 21, 2014


I always put a label on my quilts.  I hand-stitch it to the lower right hand corner of the back.  The labels are inspired by old-fashioned hang tags and include:
  • Quilt-maker's signature
  • Title
  • Quilt size
  • Year of completion
  • Number of pieces
  • Place where it was made
  • Quilting information (*)
  • Website
Prior to constructing the label, I adhere freezer paper to the back of the fabric, which makes it much easier to do the writing (with Sharpies - one thick, one thin). 
Someday, the label may be the most important part of a quilt.  Imagine pulling a quilt out of a trunk in your late uncle's attic and finding a label which would give you at least some of the quilt's provenance.  No matter what the quilt looks like or it's condition, the label would be the most intriguing and exciting find!
*I am unable to directly credit my Amish hand-quilters in accordance with their cultural tradition.