Friday, May 12, 2017

August 31-October 15, 2017, Rerum Novarum; Monte Pearson Gallery, Pearson Lakes Art Center, Lake Okoboji, Iowa

Pearson Lakes Art Center, Lake Okoboji, Iowa

I have the pleasure of working with the PLAC on my first solo show, Rerum Novarum (of new things).  I will exhibit a total of 8 quilts, 4 of which have never been publicly exhibited, including the  debut of Poppy Field (8'x21' colossal-scale quilt).  The exhibit will also include my 6'x8' self portrait Face of a Stranger
Opening & artist talk: Thursday August 31, 2017 5-7pm.
The Monte Pearson gallery is a beautiful space for the Rerum Novarum exhibit.  I am inspired by the namesake's hand-written statement which is posted just inside the gallery:

"It will be the artists who lead the final revolution - a revolution within each person's soul - until we realize that freedom is not something which is fought for, but something which is found in trusting and loving - as we trust and love each other - we've all got to find that freedom within ourselves to create - to tell them all - let them see the masterpieces of man - and realize what they (each one) holds within himself...we must break down the barriers not by fighting or even by education...  Understanding is all it takes - It is the artists who have lived the longest - for they show the human heart and that is what lasts the longest."             
                                                                                             -Monte Pearson, May 18, 1970

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